Submission Maintenance Therapy

2024-07-10 10:30:01
In order to retain compliance, we always have to keep the guys on their toes. This includes frequent "house checks," which include eith rifling through their shit, or testing them, or both. This trouble maker was due for some submission maintenance therapy, but he needed a hardcore dose. After testing him, he was ordered on his knees like a good little bitch and for the rest of the house check all we were checking out was whether or not he would cry like a baby. He gives some damn good head, so we passed him around for some knob slobbering. It was his destiny that day, however, to be fucked bareback. After some great dome, he was ordered up on the table and one of the House Managers inspected his hole. It looked good enough to fuck, that's for sure. with his legs in the air, the Manager stuck his dick deep inside. He managed to take a good pounding, including a lot of slapping, choking, fish-hooking, and anything else we could think of to humiliate him. One Manager came in his mouth and the other came on his hole and then kept the pounding going. He was told to crawl to the bathroom to clean up. Even when they haven't done anything specifically wrong, it's good to keep them in line to prevent them thinking that they can get away with something.
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