Suck Me Dry

2018-12-04 05:30:02
Giving credit where credit is due, has a group of boys with one thing on their minds, and one thing in their mouths. Danny McCoy is the blonde; the other fair-haired boy with glasses is Richard Hawkes. Blake Cruz is the boy well fed by the others, including the late entering Luke Anderson. All these fuckers have "gagged" before; grab a towel, because this one is up-close and very tasty. As the groups of "greedy" twinks suck one another, switching off to "taste around," no mouth or cock is left unsavored. One of the boys "keeps the beat," at least until he spews; the camera zooms in for "a big mouthful." Trading off, each of the guys gets to suck and, "take my cum." Like nourishing a hungry bird, each is fed and "drained."
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