Surf N Turf

2018-11-01 05:30:02
Damn, Danny McCoy can smell cum a mile away; he just has to "pump" it out of Bryce Ebson. As the cum pig opens his throat, Bryce "grows" on him. In this video, I figured a little "surf 'n' turf" would be fun. Adding another well-known swallower, this "land-shark" named Brandon Riggs has the pleasure of Tory Fuller's mouth. Relishing Brandon's cock, Troy inhales eagerly. Switching back, the "seaman" on his knees continues to imbibe. As the action gets a "close-up," both boys plan happy endings; whether on land and at sea, the job is always hard. Blowing is just half the sweetness for Troy; Brandon "frosts" a donut. And even though Danny doesn't get any bread, the on-board feast is very much to his "licking."
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