Taking Care of A Teenage Florida Cracker

2020-04-08 05:30:02
I like the kind of young white guys who grow up in Central Florida, especially because they all like to smoke, and they are always in need of a helping hand. However, this guy had missed his meeting with his probation officer, which really pissed me off. After all, if he goes back to jail, I won't have that hot pink asshole to admire anymore. This Cracker was just the type of new resident I needed to get a quick nut. Thankfully, he has a warm 19 year old str8 mouth, and he does what he is told. I have him kneel down in front of me and grab my cock. He strokes it while he sucks, and he does a pretty good job. I'm sure for one reason or another he has been cock sucking for some extra cash or goodies for a while now. I then tell him to take his hand off my dick and start shoving it deeper down his throat. I proceed to get a little more aggressive with this blondie. I spit in his mouth and make him suck on my fingers like a good little bitch. He gets throat fucked pretty good, and only gags and chokes a small amount. After throat fucking him while he is naked and on his knees, I have him throw his legs up in the air. I finger his hole and then let him have a taste, then I just have him finger himself while I admire his supple white trash frame. He seems to be uncomfortable with all the fingering, but I don't really have time to waste, so I just lube up and go at it. Although he whines a little bit, he lets me do what I want without much fuss - and his 19 year old tight ass feels GREAT. I fuck him on the floor, and while I am sticking my dick into him completely raw, I spit on his chest to let him know his place. Shit-heads like him should learn their lessons, but they never do. After some doggie fucking, I look at his hole, and it is absolutely gaping! So, of course, I decide that I can ram him even harder now. He gets on his back on the office chair, legs up. I especially enjoy pulling my cock all the way out and then ramming it back in repeatedly. This kind of fucking gets me pretty damn close to busting my load. As soon as I am on the verge, I tell Cracker to get down to the floor and suck my dick some more. He doesn't seem to like the taste of his own ass juice, but I definitely enjoy the effort he puts into it. I shoot a big load of cum in his mouth. He lets it ooze out a little onto his chin, but he is not finished yet. I tell him to jerk off and cum for me. As he jerks sullenly, I rub his chest and leg a bit just to creep him out even more. I let him be just enough so that he can still bust a load, but after he does, I wipe it up off of his very smooth pubic area and make him lick it off of my fingers. He winds up eating all the cum. This sexy motherfucker is certainly fun to have around!
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