The Pigs Say Oink

Channel: Hairy And Raw
2018-07-15 05:30:01
Trent Turner is in the mood to get his hole worked out. Naked except for his boots, the bearded fetish pig works a double-headed dildo up his ass while stroking his cock and tweaking his nipples. When Steve Sommers comes along, Trent asks him for a bit of assistance. Steve immediately starts sucking Trent then offers up his own fat dick for Trent to service. Soon the harnessed otter is throwing Trent’s legs up in the air and eating his hairy ass, fingering the hole and getting him primed for more than just a dildo. After all, when you have the real thing, what’s the point of resorting to toys? It doesn’t take long for Steve to get Trent so worked up that he can slide his raw cock balls deep inside the bareback bottom pig. Steve really gets into pounding Trent and you’re going to love the dirty talk between them, almost as much as Trent enjoys getting fucked by Steve, Stay tuned, though. More to cum in part two!
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