Tickling The New Neighbor Boy

2024-05-01 10:30:01
Cute Marcon just moved in next door, so Argie and Vahn invited him over to welcome him to the neighborhood. They have been scheming on how to get this cute Asian twink tied to their bed because they want to tickle the hell out of him. So they decided to put some knock-out powder in his soft drink. They bring him the drink and soon he is passed out on the bed. When he wakes up, cute Marcon finds himself spreadeagled on the bed. Argie and Vahn tell him this is their way of welcoming the new boys on the block. They begin their tickle assault on the cute Asian twink. After a nice long tickle torture session, they begin sensual tickling and hand job. Marcon is loving every stroke of his hard cock. Marcon asks to be released so he can take over and finish. And that he does! He shoots his cum and lays exhausted on the bed.
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