Tom and Gabo

2019-01-23 05:30:03
Tom Vojak is resting on the bed, with his hard cock poking out of his boxers. Gabo Cervey arrives and begins to kiss and lick Tom's right foot. Then he moves up and begins to suck on that hard cock. His mouth wraps around the big, thick cock and bobs up and down on it as Tom releases his big balls too. Gabo really knows how to suck and does a great job on Tom's throbbing cock. Tom takes of his boxers and then Gabo eagerly goes back down on the big cock, with Tom guiding his head, encouraging him to suck. He then pulls Gabo up, to kiss him. Then Tom helps Gabo off with his underwear and they get into a hot 69. Tom is on top, working on Gabo's hard cock as his own is deep in Gabo's throat. Then Tom lays down and Gabo sits down on that massive cock. He rides that dick as Tom thrusts it up into his hot hole. That dick really stretches Gabo's hole and he loves it as Tom pounds away at it. Gabo lays on the bed, legs up and Tom fucks his big dick back into that hot ass. He fucks Gabo with long strokes, going all the way in with each thrust. Then Tom turns Gabo over and continues to pound his ass, with Gabo moaning as that cock slams into his ass. They move to a spoon position for Tom to work that hole even harder. As he takes that big cock Gabo wanks himself shooting his cum over himself. Tom pulls out and shoots his hot load too, all over Gabo's balls. Then they share a final kiss after a very hot scene.
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