Tom Vojak has found himself a real hottie, for a Screentest, in Lada Jarek

2018-03-14 05:30:02
The two of them are kissing and Lada soon works his way down to Tom's massive cock. He takes it in his mouth and sucks it. That cock is a real mouthful but Lada manages to take it. Tom's balls are tight around the base of the thick shaft as Lada's head bobs on the cock. Then Lada stands up and Tom's helps him take down his jeans. Lada kneels on the sofa presenting his sexy ass. Tom spanks the ass and spreads the cheeks to inspect the tight hole. Lada reaches between his legs and pulls on his cock as Tom plays with his ass. Tom's big dick pokes out in front of him as he fingers Lada's hole. He takes off his jeans and climbs over Lada to slide his huge tool into the waiting ass. It goes deep into the hole and Tom begins to fuck . His own sexy ass is spread showing his hole as he fucks Lada deep. He pounds the ass deep and hard, going in right up to his balls. Lada keeps pulling on his cock, getting it hard as he takes that big dick. Then he turns onto his back with Tom between his legs fucking him some more. The huge dick ploughs Lada's ass as he wanks himself. He takes it well and keeps wanking until he dumps his cum, shooting it all over the place. Then he turns over, onto his knees again and Tom slides his dick back inside to fuck until he he ready to blow his load too. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cream over the sexy ass. Then Lada moves up to kiss Tom as the hottest of scenes comes to an end.
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