Tomas Decastro

Channel: Bad Puppy
2018-01-12 05:30:02
Hunky Tomas Decastro stopped by for a massage from the Badpuppy masseur after a hard workout at the gym. Our masseur squeezes some lotion into his hands and slowly works it into Tomas’ sore muscles. Working down to his underwear, the masseur eases his hands under the waistband and gently slides the underwear down over Tomas’ muscular ass before pulling them off completely. Squirting big globs of lotion onto Tomas’ ass the masseur slowly starts working it in and gently massages Tomas’ balls before having Tomas get up on his knees. Grabbing Tomas’ cock in one hand and slowly fingering his asshole, the masseur gets Tomas relaxed for his long, yellow probe. After probing and massaging Tomas’ ass the masseur has Tomas roll over on his back so that he can focus on the front. Massaging more oil into Tomas’ chest, the masseur slowly works his way down to Tomas’ cock which he starts slowly stroking as it becomes even more erect. Stroking even hard now, Tomas’ cock is rock hard and he squirts a thick load of jizz all over himself and the masseur’s hands.
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