Tristan Stone

Channel: UK Hot Jocks
2018-12-23 05:30:02
Webcam performer turned porn actor Tristan Stone dips his toe in the hot pool of professional adult work. He's been entertaining the masses live on camera for some time now and has even built up a fan base who I'm sure will follow his on screen adventures just as rigorously. Dive in Tristian, I think you'll find the temperature is just right for you! We start with a slow and determined strip show, taking off the sports gear to reveal his hot hairy body, tweaking his pierced nipple and staring down the camera lens. Getting his thick dick out and up, light glistens on his spit covered head and the metal of his PA ring, his long foreskin going up to meet it with every stroke. Taking two toys from a locker he takes the smaller of the two and plunges it into his hairy hole. Just a starter toy really, the next one is bigger and more fun! He rides, squats on then lays back and ploughs his ass with it before building up and spunking his load over the bench.
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