Tyler Aston

2018-03-13 05:30:01
The last time Tyler appeared on CAUSA, August 2006, he’d put on a few pounds, and in early 2007, we exchanged email, and that’s when he explained that he’d put on even more weight, wasn’t comfortable with himself and would not appear on video again. As I said to Tyler, if anyone understands the battle with weight, it’s certainly me, and I would not push him to do anything that he wasn’t comfortable doing. Fast forward to now, and Tyler has lost 45 lbs through nutritious eating and lots of cardio. Body-wise, he looks phenomenal. Of course, he’s still sportin’ one helluva cock, and without a doubt, he’s still the most stunningly-beautiful young man to appear on CAUSA! Luckily, Tyler’s refreshed and looking to sexplore… As a result, what he did after his cumshot, shocked the begeezus out of me!
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