Tyler Hirst and Aiden Walsh

Channel: English Lads
2020-06-29 05:30:01
Aiden has taken some tome to get comfortable with the idea his cock is going to get sucked. He was a little cautious, though his cock is soon lovely and hard and Aiden has one massive uncut cock, so when it is aroused you can’t miss it, since it stands up high and very erect. Aiden has some fun, he is wanked off by Tyler and he wanks Tyler and the lads do some great mutual wanking and then Tyler sucks Aiden’s great big uncut cock! It’s quite the mouthful and Tyler does a great job at sucking Aiden’s massive cock, it’s not just long, but fat and chunky! After all the sucking and mutual wanking both lads lie back and unload their cum!
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