Unemployed Mechanic Gives Up His Virgin Cunt

2022-05-06 05:30:02
I had met this guy and known him for a long time before I finally got him to suck my dick, and it took another couple of months before he'd let me stick it in him. However, once the seed is planted in their heads, all you have to do is wait. He lost his job at the car shop, and next thing you know he was lying on the bed, legs up in the air, just waiting for me to bareback his virgin cunt. This fucker's ass is so small and tight! I rimmed him and fingered him but it didn't seem to loosen it up much, so I just lubed up and went right for the prize. It wasn't easy fucking him, but I loved every second of it. Nothing feels better than a virgin straight boy asshole. On top of all of that, I got him to bust a nut while his asshole was still throbbing from having my cock pounding it. Overall not a bad Wednesday afternoon.
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