Useful 21 Year Old Throat-Fucked

2024-06-11 10:30:02
My buddy and I were horny, and we were looking for a throat slut to take advantage of. Thankfully, in walked one of our newest guys, a 21 year old who doesn't like to obey the rules (probably because he likes getting punished). Lot of complete balls deep throat-fucking, spitting, and humiliation ensue. We make him finger himself while he sucks us off, and pretty much just use him like a blow up doll for our pleasure. We make him jerk off while he is getting face-slammed. I wipe up his jizz and he licks it off my fingers like a little piggy. Sure enough, he get his mouth filled with both of our loads. His eyes are tear-filled from all of the dick, and his wide open mouth is gleaming with cum as the incident ends. Hot stuff with a newbie.
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