Who's The Bitch Now?

2024-06-11 10:30:02
Any time you put a group of guys together, there's gonna be a lot of smack talk. The House is no exception, except that when a resident talks shit, he had better do it far away from the subject, if that subject is a House Manager. Sometimes, even when you think you are safe, someone you trust will snitch you out for brownie points. Liam, unfortunately, trusted the wrong loser, because the word got around that he was heaping scorn upon the head Manager. Until this incident, the guy hadn't been noticed much. He is quiet and doesn't socialize too much. To tell you the truth, I was happy to have an excuse to pry his straight boy virgin ass open, and I was hoping he wouldn't enjoy his first intimate experience with another guy's cock. Sure enough, he did not enjoy it one iota. I marched in the room with his accuser in hand (who should probably get a black eye at some point for this), and called him out. Within a few seconds he was down on his knees with my dick in his hand. Once I had progressed to shoving it down his throat, I realized what a good cock sucker he is. Never would have guessed. Some guys just have innate talent, I suppose. Hell, I even layed him down with his head at the edge of the bed and gave him a proper throat fucking. It did, however, take a while to crack open that ass of his. For such a jock, he whined like a little bitch at the initial pain, and didn't really let up with his wincing. After trying severl positions, his hole was finally loosened up enough for me to go to town on him, which I did. That virgin hole got blown all the way up, and it looked quite red and swollen. I came all over his hole when I was ready, and then shoved my dick back in and fucked him a bit more. Losers like this are good for fucking, so it was really about time that this P.O.S. got what was coming to him.
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