Channel: Chaos Men
2020-04-08 05:30:02
Well, there are three versions of this 'solo' video. The first being the original solo. This version is the Director's Cut, complete with ALTERNATE ENDING! I mentioned in the summary for his solo that Wiley was struggling to cum, and he kept dropping hints that I could help out. He is a big fan of aromatherapy, and even that did not help get him over the top. This version still has a few cuts of that missing, since I didn't think it would work on ChaosMen. But it does have him sucking my cock, and me fucking the cum out of him. The third version I am calling the Special Edition, and it contains the entire video. It can be found over at BuyChaosMen.com http://buychaosmen.com/shop/pay-per-download/dl-1999se-wiley-solo-raw-popper-se/ Sorry to do that to ya, but it was the best way to get it online. Use promo code 'Elite' at check-out to get a $1.00 off for being a member of ChaosMen.
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