Channel: Active Duty
2022-06-23 05:30:01
This week our recruit is a light weight coming in at only 130lbs but standing at 5'9 with a nice ripe age of 26. He may be light on his feet but his dick looks pretty heavy. Let's give a warm lubed up hand for Will.Will is really nervous and extremely quiet but his fit toned body and long hard dick make up for all of that. He has a gentle smile as he slowly begins to stroke his dick. He keeps his eyes on the porn we have playing for him but that's fine because he's a new recruit and eventually one of our vets will break him in properly.He likes to pull down on his balls as he yanks up and down on his now hard cock. He's cocked and loaded with each pull. As the time goes on Will keeps building up the pressure in those smooth saggy balls that eventually are going to explode like a loose grenade rolling around on the battlefield.
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