Woah Buddy!

2024-07-10 10:30:01
Felix is going through the weekly bills and notices his roommate Austin forgot to pay the electric bill. Felix is pissed off and storms in on Austin to see him stroking his massive cock. At first Felix is sorry for the barging in and closes the door but to then open it back up and he comments on how big Austins cock is. Austin knows how big his sexy dick is and he tells Felix to get out of his room or start helping out. Felix doesn’t hesitate and wraps his eager lips around that long veiny dick taking it all the way in. Felix is excited how big his roomates cock is and Austin is ready to fuck him and he’s not letting him get away from his throbbing cock. Austin has to ease it in his tight ass but hes balls deep that ass has no problem taking his fat dick. Austin explodes with a home run shot of warm cum just missing Felix’s face.
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