Channel: Dudes Raw
2018-11-08 05:30:02
Re-edited and formatted for your viewing pleasure. Ice is a kinky fucker I work the night shift with; he's always telling me about the weird sex stuff he likes to do. Tonight, while we were sweeping in the back, he looks at me and well fuck, we give it a go. I have never done anything with a guy, but damn I am horny. Once the kissing and sucking is going, Ice tells me to, hold still; he goes right in and hell, it doesn't hurt. Pounding from behind, Ice seems to have a lot of experience with guys; soon I'm moaning it feels so good. With the broom he used to get me stretched, he then does a double woody on me; I can't believe this shit. Next thing I know, he pulls out a couple of dildos that really get my attention; fuck, why not. With more toying, Ice really gets his freak on and now wants me to fuck him. I've done girls' assholes before and, he does seem to enjoy it as much as I did. Soon, I just ride that motherfucker; Ice's comments and sounds let me know he's having a good time. Close, I do what he says, and blow all up and in his hole. Licking my jizz, Ice tugs out a load while I finger; I take a taste of his as well. Damn, I never knew this shit was that good. I think our workloads are going to be a lot more fun now. The cockringed hottie in this scene is Kip Fly for DudesRaw.
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