Zack Acland and Rogue Status

2024-05-24 10:30:01
Bearded and hairy Zack Acland makes out with bald, tattooed hottie Rogue Status. However, there’s something Zack wants. Cock. The beefy tattooed hunk wastes little time in pulling out Rogue’s cock and immediately starts to deep throat the large piece of meat, servicing Rogue’s balls for good measure. Pierced, bald Rogue is soon rimming Zack’s hungry ass, priming his hole for a raw fuck. Rogue slides home, pumping Zack deep and bareback fucking the cum hungry slut until he’s ready to pop. Rogue spews a huge load of jizz all over Zack’s hairy ass — and it’s so hot we show it twice, the second time in slow motion — then slides his cock back inside the sweaty cum pig, seeding his hole.
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